Diddy Dragons Holiday Club May Half Term 2021

  We still have availability for Holiday Club this May half term. Please fill out the attached booking form as soon as possible if you would like your children to attend.  All forms need to be in by Monday 24th May in order to organise staff and resource.  Thank you for your continuing support,  Diddy Dragons … Read more

May Marathon update

       This week we have ran/walked/cycled over 400 miles! This is an amazing achievement considering the awful weather this week. It has also meant we comfortably reached our Paris target and have walked enough miles to end up in Frankfurt, Germany.  Thanks for all hard work and fundraising efforts! Our next target is … Read more

Parent newsletter

      Please see our parent newsletter with information about parents evening appointments and how to book. These can also be booked on the school website under the parents tab.  Have a lovely weekend.  Parent-newsletter-14th-May.pdf

May Marathon form

      Despite the rotten weather this week, I know many of you have still been active and working towards completing the “May Marathon” this month. Our aim is to make it to Paris (virtually) by the weekend.  Please could you fill in your updated miles from the beginning of May on the link … Read more

Collecting children at the end of the school day

  Please contact the school office if there is a change to who is picking up your child that day.  This saves confusion at the end of the school day.  A reminder that covid measures are still in place and that children should be keeping playdates/sleepovers to an absolute minimum. 

Parent newsletter

     Please see the parent newsletter attached.  Many thanks Parent-Newsletter-7th-May.pdf

Diddy Dragons After School Club and Holiday Club

Parent pay is now set up for After School Club/Holiday Club so can all payments be made through this. The minimum fee you can pay is £6.00, this can be amended to suit the amount you need to pay. We will still need proof of payment ie a screen shot to be sent to Miss … Read more

May Marathon update – we’ve made it to London

      A huge thank you to everyone who has been fundraising for our Daily Mile track. I know many of you are well on your way to walking/running/cycling a marathon this month with some staff and pupils already reaching their target of 26 miles. As a school we have already walked/ran/cycled a combined … Read more

May Marathon – Link now working

   The form to fill in your progress in the May Marathon is now working. It would be great to have your feedback and calculate the combined distance travelled after the first week of the challenge. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Ug4_TzS3ZEGUCRtgHRR5k-sr4wtMJdJHp0fYR7HLHCZUNTNVSEdPTVFDME9NVkNaUjlNRThWUElWTy4u Fill | Ysgol Acrefair May Marathon We would love to find out how far we have walked/ran/cycled in … Read more

Ysgol Acrefair’s May Marathon!

        A huge thank you to everyone who has been raising money already for our Daily Mile Track by starting the “May Marathon” challenge. We have already had lots of pupils telling us about their exciting walks/runs/cycle rides despite the bad weather this week.  Some of the older pupils in the school … Read more

Diddy Dragons After School Club

After school club will be in the school hall or outside on the front yard today as our building is being used as a polling station. If we are in the hall please come to the main reception door. Thank you for your continuing support Diddy Dragons Staff

May 6th-Elections

     Reminder:  May 6th – Elections. The Activity Centre is a polling station on Thursday 6th May from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm.  The general public will need vehicular access throughout the day so the new gates will need to be kept open. As usual there will be no vehicular access for parents. There … Read more

Diddy Dragons Holiday Club May Half Term

  We are planning to run Holiday Club this May half term. This is dependent on the number of children attending and government guidelines. If you would like your children to attend, please fill out the attached form electronically and send it back to the email address provided as soon as possible.  We will need all the booking forms in … Read more

A night at the museum!

Museum Sleepover: The Natural World at Home You’re invited to join a wild expedition! Experience a fun-filled night at the Museum from your own home. Here’s the plan:   – Set up camp, make your own binoculars, and get ready for a Museum adventure like no other. – Go behind the scenes to the Museum stores … Read more


   Have a wonderful Bank Holiday!  Parent-newsletter-Friday-30th-April.pdf

Ysgol Acrefair May marathon

    The Ysgol Acrefair “May Marathon” starts tomorrow with hopefully better weather ahead for the bank holiday weekend! Please can any donations be brought to school in a labelled envelope to allow the money to be quarantined before being sent to the main office.  Looking forward to hearing about the exciting walks/runs/bike rides you … Read more

Holiday request form

We have had to update our holiday request form due to Covid-19 restrictions on travel. This form is now online and can be completed using the link below: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Ug4_TzS3ZEGUCRtgHRR5k_vX8NO7qqlKnU_Ycpeh2CBUMTc2ODNBUjBTVU9DWlJBUDZBQUk4QjRRSC4u Fill | Holiday Request application Dear Parent / Guardian Thank you for notifying us of your intention to take your child out of school for a … Read more

Ysgol Acrefair’s “MAY MARATHON” fundraiser!

    Dear Parents/Guardians,    During the month of May we are encouraging all pupils, families, and staff to take part in our school fundraiser “The May Marathon”. Over the course of the month, we are challenging you to walk/run/cycle the distance of a marathon/half marathon/mini marathon to raise funds for a “Daily Mile” track … Read more