Year 2

Croeso i Dosbarth Llwynog!

Our class teacher is Mrs Rosen-Edwards.

Miss Regan is our teaching assistant and she works in our class all week.

We share our class information as well as lots of the things that our class have been learning about using Seesaw. Should you need a link to your child’s Seesaw account please contact the school office or speak to Mrs Rosen-Edwards at the end of the school day.

A Year in Dosbarth Llwynog

Teaching and learning in our school changes each year according to the needs of the children in our classes however we would still like to give you an insight into what a year in Dosbarth Llwynog looks like!

To help us to do this, we would like to share some of their adventures from last year….

We all loved coming back to school in September and it wasn’t long until we got the hang of our new class. We quickly got busy building, creating and making with all of the new bits and bobs. We got straight on with our work and we have been such a fantastic class!

We love stories

We began the year developing our love for reading, exploring fairy tale stories and we knew many to retell. We explored the inquiry question ‘Why are stories important?’. The Little Red Riding Hood and The Gingerbread Man have boosted our writing skills. We used talk for writing to get started and we picked up some writing tips. Then took on the challenge of writing huge pieces of script. We wrote our own version of The Gingerbread Man and performed it as a class. We even made this into a story book on the computers, but our love for reading and writing didn’t stop there.

Christmas quickly came around and all of the children worked so hard to practise for their Christmas nativity of ‘It’s a Baby’. Unfortunately, due to Covid we had to record the performance for their families, but hopefully this year we can invite families back into school!

All Around the World

After Christmas we got straight into exploring our next inquiry question ‘Is Plastic Fantastic?’. We started the topic by going on a walk around the school grounds and we were shocked to see all the litter that we found. We began to explore the impact that litter is having on the world. We investigated how well we recycle as a country and we were very happy to see that we are fantastic at recycling. However, we realised that Indonesia is not so great at recycling. We compared the two countries together and we gathered lots of ideas as to why we should protect our planet. We put our writing brains back on and we wrote some fantastic poems about whether plastic really is fantastic.

Welsh Week

We completed a whole school inquiry into why Wales is so special. We learnt all about the Seven Wonders of Wales and we quickly realised that most of them are very local to us! We created some lovely factfiles and conducted our own research to find out important information to include in our factfiles. We also drew and painted some beautiful artwork in the style of Welsh artist Gwilym Pritchard.

World Book Week

World Book Week got off to a very interesting start. We came to school and saw that all our tables and chairs had quit for the day. A letter was left by them and it explained how they had enough of how we were treating them. They had left us a story to explore for the rest of the week and that was ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We soon undertsotod that the crayons in the story were feeling the same as our tables and chairs were. We decided that we would write a persuasive letter to get our tables and chairs back and thankfully they did come back!

Celebrating the Jubilee

We have recently been learning all about the royal family in preparation for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We learnt about the decade 2010-2020 and explored what happened to the royal family during this time. We watched parts of the royal wedding and learnt about what this means for our future. We took on the role of a newspaper reporter and wrote our own newspapers as if we were at the royal wedding. They were fabulous!

Now and Then

Our final topic that we have been busy learning all about is people who have had a significant impact on the world we now live in. We have learnt all about the fabulous work of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Marie Curie and how they have changed our world today. We were so excited when we had a nurse from Wrexham Maelor Hospital to tell us all about the fantastic work that they do to look after us. We were able to use a stethoscope to hear each other’s heartbeats and we got to put some special gel on our hands to see how well we wash our hands. We have recently been looking at the work that David Attenborough has done to help save our planet and we have all written pledges to say what we can do to help the environment. We are very much looking forward to our school trip where we will be able to see how people used to live by visiting Plas Newydd and exploring our local area on the horse drawn canal boat in Llangollen.

This group of children are truly wonderful and they have taken on every challenge life has thrown at them, whilst never losing their smiles. We will be sad to see them move up as they begin the journey through KS2 but I am sure they will thrive next year as a fantastic, joyful group!