Year 4

Croeso i Dosbarth Gwennol!

Our teacher is Miss Heard. Miss Cannadine teaches our class each Thursday.

Mrs Brown is our teaching assistant.

We share our class information as well as lots of the things that our class have been learning about using Seesaw. Should you need a link to your child’s Seesaw account please contact the school office or speak to Miss Heard at the end of the school day.



Teaching and learning in our school changes each year according to the needs of the children in our classes however we would still like to give you an insight into what a year in Dosbarth Gwennol looks like!
To help us to do this, we would like to share some of their adventures from last year….

We started our school year learning all about the Romans. We had different Roman artefacts which we loaned from Wrexham library. We had a look and had lots of different suggestions about what they could be used for. We found the sponge very funny when we found out they used this after a trip to the toilet! We found out about the Celtic warriors and then looked at the Roman soldiers. We looked at similarities and differences between them and what both wore to battle. We then decided who we thought would win. From this we wrote a set of instructions about how to dress a Roman soldier and also wrote our own reports about them. We designed and created our own Roman shields. We enjoyed creating the different formations up in forest school using these. We found Roman mosaics really interesting and looked at the designs that they had created before making our own. We discussed whether the Roman’s should have invaded Britain and looked at how the invasion affected the Celt’s and whether this broke any of their human rights. Although it did break some of their rights we never realised how much the Roman’s brought to Britain and thought about how different life would be if they had never invaded.

This year we have also investigated ‘Why is Autumn so awesome?’. We started this investigation by walking around our local area to see what we noticed during Autumn. We had a scavenger hunt where we collected anything that interested us. Using what we had collected we brought these into class and described these items before making similes. We then worked together to create a simile poem describing Autumn and we wrote these on pumpkins before creating our own in the shape of a leaf. In Maths we enjoyed looking at symmetry. We used all the Autumnal things we can collected to create a pattern on one side and reflected this. We created symmetrical patterns on pumpkins and we also cut leaves in half and drew the reflection. We created lots of wax prints of different leaves using candles before using ink to paint over the print. We also looked at art by Yayoi Kusama and created our own.

During Book Week we focused on the real story of the three little pigs. We listened to the original story and thought about how the wolf’s version of events in our book was completely different. We became detectives and tried to find out who was telling the truth. We looked at evidence of different characters in the story who had seen both the wolf and pigs before deciding whether we thought the wolf was guilty or not. We then wrote our own version of the three little pigs which were very funny!

We had a whole school investigation about why is Wales so special this year. During this week we listened to lots of different Welsh tales about kings, queens, giants and much more. From listening to these stories we created our own. We created our own puppets and backgrounds before orally retelling our story using these. We also investigated why Wrexham is so special and looked at whether we should be the next city of culture. We researched lots of different places in Wrexham and created a sway video explaining why Wrexham is so great.

After this we investigated the question ‘how can we save our animals?’ We used the story ‘The Journey Home’ to begin this. The class decided they wanted to look at how to save animals in the polar regions and find out why their homes were melting. We researched the different animals that live there and looked at their threat of extinction and inputted this data into a database. We also found out how big these animals were and drew them on the yard. We struggled to fit the blue whale on the yard it was so big! We looked at data which showed us how the amount of ice in the Arctic is decreasing. We found out this was due to global warming. We completed lots of different experiments which showed the effect the Earth warming up has. We then looked at different ways we could slow global warming down and created our own persuasive posters and art work encouraging people to do more to help the environment.

During this year we also celebrated the jubilee. Each class chose a decade to learn about and we chose the 1960’s. We had so much fun this week. We looked at what people wore in the 1960’s before designing and creating our own outfits which we enjoyed modelling. We listened to lots of different music and we learnt different dance moves. We also created our own pop art pictures of ourselves using lots of different colours and patterns. They looked amazing!

We have had such a busy year this year and I have loved teaching them all. Diolch Dosbarth Gwennol.

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