Year 4

Year 4 News


Hello and welcome to Year 4.


Hello and welcome to Year 4.

Each class has been named after a Welsh bird or animal. Our class name is Dosbarth Gwennol, this means ‘Swallow Class’ in Welsh.

Below we have included some information about our class and how we work.

The people who work in our class are:

In our class we are taught by Mrs Halley from Monday to Thursday.

This term Mrs Brophy will be teaching PE and ICT on a Friday.

We are also very lucky that Mrs Jackson will be teaching us welsh now that she is back in school each Friday following on from her recent welsh secondment.

Our week in school and things to remember:

On a Wednesday we have drama with Clare from Activ8 drama.

Our P.E hall slot is a Friday morning however can you make sure P.E kits are in school all the time. We will send them home at half term (or sooner if needed!).

Reading and spelling books should be brought back to school on a Wednesday so that they can be updated and changed ready to come back home on a Friday.

What are we learning about this term?

This term our topic is ‘Back to the Future’

The topic this term is a combination of different themes that the children have expressed an interest in recently- to combine the themes I have chosen the heading ‘Back to the Future’ which will incorporate the different strands that we will study.

We will have a topic hook day based on the theme Back to the Future, during which the children will create their own time-machines. They will be given the opportunity to create time-lines and reflect on which periods of time they would like to find out more about in their own ‘MOLE missions’ (independent learning time). When creating the time-machines the children will concentrate on using their learning powers, particularly Imagination and Collaboration. They will use planning tools in DT lessons to create a plan for their time machine and also evaluate the work that they have done on it.

Using the time-machine the children will be able to travel forward and backward in time. In Science lessons we will travel forwards and visit ‘Rainforest 404’ on the BBC where the character searches for ‘Rainforest’ but has no idea what it is because it has been wiped out- Forests no longer exist! We will link this to the book ‘the journey home’ story by Frann Preston Gann. We will learn about our sustainable earth and how we can prevent the damage that is happening to our earth.

The children have also asked to learn about dinosaurs so we will be learning about what the planet used to be like and evaluating how it has changed.

In literacy we will be writing about dragons as suggested by the class. The children will learn how to write a non-chronological report about dragons before transferring this knowledge and understanding into their history work on dinosaurs.

In history lessons the children will excavate a fossil block and research the three main epochs of fossils. Find out how fossils are made and make their own.

They will learn about Mary Anning, one of the most famous palaeontologists ever. Research the main fossil-hunting areas of the UK and learn about the 18th Century when Anning lived. Improvise a play about key events in her life.

The children will learn how fossil footprints can tell us a great deal about the animals and humans of the past. Record footprints using drawing, photography, measuring and plaster casts. Use maths to work out the height, speed and gait of someone from the footprints they leave.

They will learn about the species of the Mesozoic Era. Reconstruct a dinosaur by adding clay to a dinosaur skeleton, make a Dino-family jigsaw, take part in an animal survival game, make a 3D Mesozoic timeline showing the three main eras and populate each section with pictures of the correct dinosaur species. They will write a non-chronological report about one of the eras or a chosen dinosaur species following on from their literacy work writing non-chronological reports about dragons. They will use the information that they have found as part of the design technology project. This topic has also been chosen because the children have told me that they would like to learn more about dinosaurs.


Learning at home

Reading- In our class we change reading books on a Thursday and Friday. Children are encouraged to bring back their completed books on a Wednesday morning ready to change it for a new book, we understand that as some children will be reading longer books now and may not change their reading books every week. Please write in your child’s yellow reading log to record when you have read with them at home, although we don’t always have chance to write a note back, we do check these books each week and children who have read at least three times receive extra dojos in class.

New spelling lists will also be sent home on a Friday. We practise these daily in school too.

Homework- Homework will continue to be sent each Friday. We will send literacy and maths homework on alternate weeks. This should be returned by the next Wednesday.