School Council

Every child in school is part of the school council and has the opportunity to have their voice heard in meetings.

Our class meetings give every pupil, throughout the school, a voice. They are an important way for the children to find out about important issues affecting the school and decisions that have to be made. It gives them the opportunity to give their own opinions about these issues and to influence decisions. Our class meetings enable all of our pupils to communicate with each other and with the adults in school quickly and frequently.

Our School Council is supported by the other ‘Key Action Teams’, including our Eco-team ‘The Green Team’, Digital Leaders and Criw Cymraeg who all have their own action plans.

In 2021-22 there are two key priorities for our School Council so we have written two action plans. The first relates to ‘the playground and improving playtimes’ and the other relates to ‘teaching and learning’ in our school, the main focus of this action plan is improving our school library and classroom reading areas by adding some new and up to date books.


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