Year 6

Hello and welcome to Year 6.


Welcome to Year 6.  

It has been wonderful to welcome all of the children back into school and to see them have such a positive attitude towards beginning their final year at Ysgol Acrefair. We are all beginning to adjust to the new rules and routines but Year 6 have taken it in their stride and are behaving as excellent role models to the other children.  

Now that the children have settled into the new routine, I would like to share some information about what they will be learning about this half term and some extra things that they will need to remember.  


Who works in our class?  

Mrs Halley is our class teacher 

Mrs Koscinska is the teaching assistant in our classroom.  

Mrs Halley is out of the classroom on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday morning. During this time our lessons are covered by our other teachers who are specialists in the subjects covered– this is just like how we will be taught in high school next year ?  

Wednesday afternoon- our class is split in half- half do welsh with Mrs Jackson (our welsh subject leader) and half go to forest school, then we swap over.  

Friday morning– Mr Allman (our science subject leader) teaches our science lesson and then we do expressive arts with Clare– this includes drama, dance and music. 

All of the adults who work in our class work closely together to make links between the different subject areas.   


Our topic this half term 

Each of our topics throughout the year link to the United Nations Development Sustainable Development Goals. The goals were written so that all of the countries in the United Nations could work together to improve the world by the year 2030- creating a better world for our youngsters to become adults in!  

Our topic this half term is ‘Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy me’. It is based around United Nations Sustainable development goal 3- ‘Good health and well-being’ 

Our topic will have a science focus but our work in all of the other areas of the curriculum will link into it too.  

Some of our key activities will include: 

  • Understanding the different food groups and why we need them 
  • Learning about ‘the balanced plate’  
  • Learning how to plan meals and cook them 
  • Understanding why exercise is important and trying lots of different sports 
  • Planning ways to get children more involved in sports and physical activities 
  • Exploring what the 5 ways to well-being are and how we can have more of these in our lives 

And there will be lots more too! The children in the class will be helping me to plan the topic too so that they can lead their own learning.  

Our topic also relates to the work that is being done in Years 4 and 5 so that the children have opportunities to share their work with each other (without crossing over bubbles of course!).  

I will be posting lots of photos and information about the children’s learning on SeeSaw throughout the term and look forward to sharing this with you.  


School uniform 

The children in Year 6 will have PE on a Friday each week and for the time being we would like them to all wear their PE kits to come to school so that they don’t need to get changed in school.  

They can also come to school in their Forest School kit each Wednesday.  



I will be setting all homework over SeeSaw this term so please keep an eye out for messages. The children will be receiving a log in for their own SeeSaw account later this week and need to try to log onto this as soon as possible. We will also be setting work on Google Classroom and I will provide information as to how you can help them with this in coming weeks.  

If you have problems accessing the work set online please get in touch with me asap so that I can make other arrangements for your family. We understand that working online isn’t possible for everyone and are happy to make adjustments where necessary.  


Extra responsibilities 

During the term we will be choosing pupils to take on the role of prefect- this will involve setting an example of exemplary behaviour to other children around the school, taking on additional responsibilities throughout the school week and, when the children are allowed to mix more, becoming a ‘buddy’ to one of the children in our Reception class and supporting them in settling into life in Ysgol Acrefair. Keep an eye out for those prefect badges coming home!  


I will post more information on SeeSaw in the coming days and weeks and am happy to answer any questions you should have so please feel free to send messages via SeeSaw which I will answer as soon as I am able to. Please remember that it’s not always possible to check SeeSaw first thing in the morning so if you have an important message then it’s always best to give me a ring at school or speak to me directly.  

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