Year 1

Croeso i Dosbarth Gwdihw!

The people who work in our class are:

Mrs Jones (class teacher Monday – Thursday)

Miss Cannadine (class teacher on a Friday)

Miss Scandariato and Miss Bunning work in our classroom as Teaching Assistants.

We share our class information as well as lots of the things that our class have been learning about using Seesaw. Should you need a link to your child’s Seesaw account please contact the school office or speak to Mrs Jones at the end of the school da


A Year in Dosbarth Gwdihw


Teaching and learning in our school changes each year according to the needs of the children in our classes however we would still like to give you an insight into what a year in Dosbarth Gwdihw looks like!
To help us to do this, we would like to share some of their adventures from last year….


We started September with our ‘No outsiders topic’ and read the book ‘the colours of us’. The children discussed how individual they each were and their similarities and differences. We explored skin tones and mixed our own unique skin colours using red, yellow, blue, white and black. We read the book ‘it’s good to be me’ and discovered how special it is to be unique.

We then started our first inquiry topic – Does everyone have food? We linked with Wrexham food bank and explored all of the reasons why some families may not have enough food. The children researched what the food bank was short on and got to making and directing their own video to help gather some donations and shared it with their families and the school council. Linked to food and Harvest, we learnt the story of the Little Red Hen. The children worked so hard to develop actions linked to the story and we recorded it to share with the parents. We looked at describing characters , making story maps and worked in a group to retell the story using handmade puppets.

Our next inquiry question was – is water always dangerous? We discussed what we use water for and its benefits in our daily life. We then looked at our locality and started discussing the aqueduct. We learnt about water safety and made signs and posters to share our knowledge. We took a walk down to Trevor basin and learnt about Thomas Telford who built the canal and lots of interesting facts. We sat down to do some observational drawings when a very kind couple invited us to look inside their canal. They answered all of the children’s questions and the children were so excited. We then made ebooks about the facts that we learnt using ICT and designed an aqueduct that was water tight.

Christmas was then approaching, all of the children worked so hard to practice for their Christmas nativity of ‘it’s a Baby’. Unfortunately due to Covid, we had to record the performance for their families, hopefully this year we can invite families back into school!

We then looked at the polar regions and the melting ice caps, we discussed and researched if we could make changes in our school and daily life to help stop this. The children learnt about different uses of energy and how we can all be ‘greener’. They got into groups and wrote about their findings and made a video for their families. We explored different polar animals and their inside and outside traits, looked at food chains, completed blubber experiments and made fact files about our favourite animal.

We then learnt our new fairy tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the children made new actions to help us learn this story. We creating our own interesting stories and designed and bult houses for the three little pigs. Some houses tested the wrath of the big bad wolf…others did not. We learnt about different materials and went on a walk around the village to identify natural and man made materials.

Spring was here and so was our next inquiry question – Are bees important to humans? The children swiftly became little detectives and we learnt all about the bees and the importance of pollination. They made life cycle charts, designed a bee friendly garden, planted sunflower seeds and designed and labelled parts of a flower.

Our last topic is space and the children have loved learning about the different planets and our solar system. We had a wonderful trip to Xplore science, where the children got to investigate different forces and their purpose and we had lots of fun taking off in a rocket ship to space! We had a stay and play where we could invite all of our families into our classroom environment and got to show you all of the wonderful things we get up to in school. The children also had a superb sports day and we all loved welcoming you back to watch us!

I am so proud of each and every child in our class and I genuinely will be so sad to see them leave, but I know that every one of them will continue to grow and succeed in their new class and will continue to have an amazing adventure in school! Thank you for being YOU Year 1 and for giving all of the teachers a very special year!

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