Year 1

Year 1 News


Hello and welcome to Blwyddyn 1.

Our class has been named after a Welsh bird or animal. Our class name is Dosbarth Gwdih?, this means ‘owl’ in Welsh.


The people who work in our class are:

Miss Woodward

Miss Scandariato


Our week in school and things to remember:

Monday – PE day- we suggest that the children keep their PE kits in school.

Wednesday – – Forest school – children will need Wellies and ‘old’ clothes in school (long sleeved tops and trousers/leggings please).

Thursday- Reading and homework will go home in book bags.

Monday – Please can we have all book bags back in school.


What are we learning about this term?

This term we are focusing on learning the book ‘The Little Red Hen’. We will be learning to retell the story with story language and actions. The children will then be innovating the story to create their own, by changing characters and other aspects of the story. We will also be looking at how to create story maps in order to help us remember, repeat and write a learnt story.

The children will also be focusing on how to write in full sentences, paying particular attention to capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


This term we will continue to practice our letter sounds as well as introducing new diagraph sounds (two letter sounds) the first set will be – th, sh, ch and ng. Year 1 and 2 join together to practice our phonics, this means that we will have the children split between 4 teachers each focusing on different phonic sounds to best suit all children.  The children will then be using their phonic knowledge to learn to read and spell CVC words (constonant, vowel, constonant) e.g. cat, bed, log and CCVC/CVCC words e.g. this, ship, town, road. We will also be introducing some high frequency words which will be sent home to practice when the children are ready.


We will continue to practice our letter formation and handwriting skills as well as beginning to learn how to write in cursive writing.


In maths we will be focusing on counting to 100 from different starting positions. We will be looking at 1 more and 1 less of a number within 20 and practising to count up in steps of 2’s to 20 and in 10’s to 100. We will focus on recognising teen numbers and writing numbers from 0-20. We will also be learning how to use different counting strategies to work out addition and subtraction sums within 10 including number bonds to 10 e.g. 1+9=10. 2+8=10. We will also be looking at doubling and halving numbers to 10.

This term in Welsh we will be focusing on the questions ‘Pwy wyt ti?’, ‘Syt wyt ti?’ and ‘Oes gen ti?’. We will also be continuing to practice recognising the days of the week, numbers, colours and animals in Welsh. It would be very helpful if you could practice these language patterns with the children at home. J

Every year we have a Criw Cymraeg whose role is to promote the use of Welsh within the school. This year we are voting for 2 children from years 1-6 to be part of our Criw Cymraeg.


Learning at home

Reading – children will be sent home reading books on a Thursday and it would be very beneficial for them to get as much reading done as possible with you at home.

Spellings – When the children are ready to be sent home spellings, we will send them home on a Thursday in their book bags. They will have a spelling book with the week’s spellings inside, the children can practice reading and writing these words in their spelling books.

Phonics – We will also be sending home any letters/sounds that the children need to recap as well as new letters and sounds that are being learnt that week in school.

Number work – We will sometimes send additional numeracy homework home for the children to practice. This will be optional homework and is just there to help support and reinforce any numeracy work that has been taught that week in class.

Friend of the week – We will also be sending home ‘friend of the week’ bags on a Friday. The idea is for the children to place special items that mean something to them inside the bag and bring it back into school on a Monday. The children will then get to show and discuss their special items with the rest of the class. This is so that we can find out more about what makes each child special and learn how to value and respect other people’s achievements and possessions.

Gwdihw – We will also be sending home our class Gwdihw to one chid over the weekend. Here you can write/document anything that you have gotten up to together over the weekend. Our class Gwdihw is our Welsh mascot and he will be sent home with the weeks Welsh phrase for you to practice at home if you can.

Topic – any topic related work that you do, see or make at home will be happily shared with the class.

Important dates this term

Thursday 13th September- Drop in session for parents to meet the teacher (Years 1-6)

Monday 15h October & Tuesday 16th October- Parents evening for all classes from 3:30pm

Thursday 25th October- Autumn disco

Friday 26th October – School closes for half term

Friday 30th November – Christmas Market

Week beginning 10th December – Christmas concerts

Friday 21st December – School closes for Christmas