Year 1

Year 1 News


Hello and welcome to Blwyddyn 1.

This year each class has been named after a Welsh bird or animal. Our class name is Dosbarth Gwdihw, this means ‘owl’ in Welsh.

The people who work in our class are:

Miss Woodward

Miss Scandariato


Our week in school and things to remember:

Monday- Forest school – children will need Wellies in school.

Tuesday- PE day- we suggest that the children keep their PE kits in school.  Please also provide an outdoor P.E kit for the warmer weather.

Friday- Reading and homework will go home in book bags.


What are we learning about this term?

This term our topic is all about Dinosaurs and plants. During our dinosaur topic we will be looking at the different types of dinosaurs and learning how to identify and sort dinosaurs into herbivores and carnivores and what this means. We will also be using describing words and similes to help create descriptive writing about dinosaurs.

During the plat part of our topic, we will be learning about the different types of plants in our local environment and learning how to identify these. We will also be planting our own flowers and observing how they grow and writing observations recording their height. We will then write a set of instructions on how to plant a flower. We will also be looking at the different parts of a flower/plant and creating diagrams of these.


In literacy, we will be focusing on story writing and how to write our own stories. We will be focusing on Pie Corbett style writing, focusing on descriptive words to describe characters and settings/scenes. The children will identify the different parts of a story before writing their own with problems and plots. We will be continuing to practice our phonics recognition in our writing and reading as well as recognising and spelling tricky words. We will also continue our handwriting practice, where we are focusing on writing ‘descending’ letters correctly – y, g, f, p.


In maths we will be looking at how to half and quarter objects and link this into our previous work on halving and doubling numbers. We will also be continuing to learn about place value and using the term more than and less than to describe numbers. We will be continuing our work on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and will be learning how to write and work out these numbers in the times tables e.g 1×2=2, 2×2=4.

Next we will be looking at money and learning the value of different coins. We will learn how to add totals and find change of given amounts.

We will also be looking at time, learning to recognise o’clock and half past on digital and analogue clocks.  We will continue to practice on addition and subtraction and will be taking a closer look at different problem-solving activities.


In P.E we will be focusing on creative movement and linking this into our dinosaur topic. We will also be practicing sending and receiving balls and keeping totals in competitive ball games. Hopefully a lot of this can be done outside, weather permitting so please remember P.E pumps or trainers.




Learning at home

Reading – children will be sent home reading books on a Friday and it would be very beneficial for them to get as much reading done as possible with you at home.

Spellings – When the children are ready to be sent home spellings, we will send them home on a Friday in their book bags. They will have a spelling book with the week’s spellings inside, the children can practice reading and writing these words in their spelling books.

Phonics – We will also be sending home any letters/sounds that the children need to recap as well as new letters and sounds that are being learnt that week in school.

Number work – We will sometimes send additional numeracy homework home for the children to practice. This will be optional homework and is just there to help support and reinforce any numeracy work that has been taught that week in class.

Friend of the week – We will also be sending home ‘friend of the week’ bags on a Friday. The idea is for the children to place special items that mean something to them inside the bag and bring it back into school on a Monday. The children will then get to show and discuss their special items with the rest of the class. This is so that we can find out more about what makes each child special and learn how to value and respect other people’s achievements and possessions.

Topic – any topic related work that you do, see or make at home will be happily shared with the class.