Year 3

Croeso i Dosbarth Robin Goch!

Our teacher is Mrs Jackson.

Mrs Brown and Miss Taylor are teaching assistants in our class.

We share our class information as well as lots of the things that our class have been learning about using Seesaw. Should you need a link to your child’s Seesaw account please contact the school office or speak to Mrs Jackson at the end of the school day.


During this school year we have completed some fantastic activities and would like to share these with you. 

During this school year we have completed some fantastic activities and explored lots of ideas. 


We began the school year in year 3 with a whole school topic of ‘No Outsiders’. No outsiders is about teaching children to recognise and accept difference. In year 3 we used the book ‘The Huey’s in the New Jumper’ by Oliver Jeffers.  

We created our own Huey characters and we wrote personal information such as any hobbies and values that they had. We discussed the importance of being unique.  


Next, we used the enquiry question ‘Could I survive as a Celt?’ to help us learn about the Celtic way of life. We began the enquiry with a visit to Wrexham Museum, where we enjoyed workshop sessions to learn about how they lived over 2000 years ago. It really helped us to identify the things we wanted to find out as a class. We found out where abouts the Celts lived in Europe. After finding out how roundhouses were made and the different items they would have had inside them, we compared them to our own houses. They were so different but also had similarities too. We even made our own mini roundhouses in forest school. We discovered that the Celts built their roundhouses in groups on hillforts. We used the research we did about Celtic Warriors to help us write instructions ‘How to be a Great Celtic Warrior?’ Our new word processing skills came in useful with this too. We weren’t too keen on the limited food options for the Celts though! When we knew lots of things about Celt, we were ready to answer the question ‘Could I survive as a Celt?’ We created PowerPoints showing our answers.  


For Remembrance Day we used the book ‘We Will Remember Them – The story of Remembrance.’ The book inspired us to write fantastic acrostic poems. We also created beautiful sunset silhouette pictures with paints.  



Throughout the year we have had 3 days devoted to ‘This is me!’ The first day was all about names. It was interesting to find out the meanings and the children created lovely pictures depicting their meanings. The children showed all the things that they think are important to them in a t-shirt design. The children enjoyed sharing special objects with their friends. On the second day, we concentrated on writing ingredients to be a brilliant learner. This gave us opportunities to discuss the different learning powers that are available to us. The third day was all about reflecting on our learning this year.  


Christmas was soon upon us and we began our preparations. First, we made ‘Melting Snowmen’ biscuits for the Christmas Fair. We did very well and the money we raised has helped to pay for some resources that we needed for our class activities. We enjoyed performing at St. Mary’s Church in Ruabon. We learnt songs and recited an excerpt from the poem ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ by Dr Suess. Our Christmas cards involved using symmetry that we learned about in our maths lessons. They were quite fiddly to make! 


The day the parents came to forest school was fun. We were able to share some activities that we do while we were there and of course managed to plant lots of trees and shrubs.  


After the Christmas holiday we learned about Santes Dwynwen. We listened to the story and made a note of the important words we heard. We used these words to make a wordle on the computers. We designed cards to send to someone we love.  


During the Spring term, we started to find out about Patagonia. We discovered that it is in Argentina and that there is a small part of it where people speak Welsh and have a Welsh culture. After comparing Patagonia with Wales we discussed their similarities and differences. We found out why the people wanted to go there and how they set up their community. The Mimosa’s passenger list was useful to use to find out where the people came from before setting sail for Patagonia to start a new life. We looked for these places on a map of Wales. We then researched what life is like now for the people living in the area.  


Around St. David’s Day, the whole school enquiry was ‘Why is Wales Special?’ 

As a class we listened to the story ‘The Golden Harp.’ We used story maps to help us learn the story to retell it. Mr A Bennig paid us a visit and told us about the journey of the Welsh language. He was very funny and interesting.  


During the Summer term we have enjoyed preparing the ‘Bee Musical’ to perform to an audience. Of course, we haven’t had many opportunities to do that in recent years. It was such a great opportunity to show off our singing, acting and dancing skills. We certainly did well! 


The King’s Coronation was a big event that we celebrated. We worked with the children from year 4 and after some research we completed a timeline of the King’s life. We wore our decorated crowns to complete a run too.  


Using the book, ‘Where Ocean Meets Sky’ allowed us to do lots of writing. We wrote about characters. We wrote a Captain’s diary and a captain’s log of our own fantasy journey. After this, we wrote our own journey story using the same structure as the book.  



Looking back, the children have discovered so much and had fun doing it too.