Year 3

Croeso i Dosbarth Robin Goch!

Our teacher is Mrs Jackson.

Mrs Brown and Miss Dillon are teaching assistants in our class.

We share our class information as well as lots of the things that our class have been learning about using Seesaw. Should you need a link to your child’s Seesaw account please contact the school office or speak to Mrs Jackson at the end of the school day.


During this school year we have completed some fantastic activities and explored lots of ideas. 


We began the school year using the book ‘The Invisible’ by Tom Percival. A moving, powerful story that shines a light on those that feel invisible in our world – and shows us that we ALL belong.?We created gratitude jars filled with small, day-to-day things that make us happy. After that we talked about what makes a community and all the different people that we need. We thought about what it may be like to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day.  


The next book, ‘Where my wellies take me?’ by Claire and Michael Morpurgo, provided us with the inspiration to see where our school shoes take us. We went on a sensory walk around the school and wrote a recount about what we saw, heard, felt, tasted and smelled. We drew maps of the school grounds and created our own maps using found objects. 



We loved finding out about ‘Why is Autumn Awesome?’ We looked for signs of Autumn around us and enjoyed the scavenger hunt and making graphs to show our findings. We learned about Yayoi Kasama and how she used pumpkins in her work. We also invented ‘new friends’ using things found in the nature garden.  




Answering the question ‘Where in Acrefair do Dragons live?’ got us very excited. We were inspired by the book ‘Dragons of Wales’. A beautifully illustrated book.  First of all we found out about the dragons that already live in North Wales and we identified the places on a map. We went for a walk around Acrefair to identify where dragons may live. We then created our own dragons by drawing them and wrote a report to describe what it looks like, where it lives, what it eats and other interesting facts. All our reports were made into our own book about Dragons of Acrefair. 



Christmas was then upon us and we loved being able to perform for all our families. We performed fantastically and showed off the lanterns we made.  



After all the fun of Christmas we returned to school to find out about rocks and to answer the question ‘What would a rock say if it could talk?’. To do this we needed to research the properties of different rocks. We used the book ‘The Pebble in My Pocket. A history of our Earth.’ to help us understand how rocks are formed. First of all, we used our observational skills to look at different types of rock and described them. Then we labelled the different rocks according to their descriptions. Then we investigated ‘What rock type would be best for a cave man to use as a shelter?’ We Tested how hard the different rocks were and then decided what would be best for the caveman. Sweets helped us to learn about the rock cycle we heard about in the book. It was a sticky experience! Eventually, we were ready to answer, ‘What would a rock say if it could talk?’ We chose a rock and wrote about what we had found out and used an app called ‘Chatterkids’ to make a rock talk.  


Another question we enjoyed answering (as a whole school this time was), ‘What Makes Wales Special?’ We learned about St. David and drew and painted a daffodil using observational skills. We listened to and retold the welsh tale of ‘The Golden Harp’ and described what we thought the Tylwth Teg looked like. We researched the answers to questions about Wrexham. We had a very busy few day! 


For Book Week, we used the ‘Here Comes Frankie’ by Tim Hopgood to investigate how do authors and illustrators bring a book to life? During this week we experimented with colours. We created ‘quiet’ and ‘noisy’ colours and used them in our own picture of a street using the book for inspiration. We named the colours we created. We even painted to music using colours and shapes that best suited and represented what we heard.  


During our investigations to find out how matter behaves. We answered lots of different questions. ‘What types of matter are there? How do they behave? What happens when solids are heated? Does it dissolve? And how can we separate materials?  


To celebrate the Queen’s 70th Jubilee celebrations all classes took part in a whole school inquiry into the ways that the United Kingdom has changed over the past 70 years. Year three found out about the 1980s. We learned to do some dance moves from the 1980s and made posters and leaflets about toys, inventions, fashion or TV shows. We also found out about Keith Haring a 1980s graffiti artist.  

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