Holiday requests

We have had several holiday forms this week requesting days off for long weekends/birthdays etc.  Please note that these do not constitute an ‘annual holiday due to parental leave from work’ so therefore will not be authorised as per county and school attendance policy.  We ask that you carefully consider taking any holidays during term … Read more

Continuous Learning

  This week, your child’s class teacher will be contacting you via SeeSaw to enquire about the access that you have to ICT in your family home (laptop, internet access, tablets, phone etc).  They are doing this to ensure that our ‘Continuous Learning’ policy makes learning accessible to all of the children in our school … Read more

Important- Parent Feedback

    Covid-19 has dramatically changed our lives and for many months our education system was severely disrupted. We know that you will agree with us about the importance of having our children back in school and continuing with their learning!  Now that the children have settled back into their classes, the time has come to turn our … Read more

Inconsiderate parking

Dear parents It has been brought to our attention that there are parents parking very dangerously particularly at the end of the school day.  We are very aware that parking at the school is limited even in normal times, but we are appealing for you to be considerate to our neighbours.  We have had reports … Read more

Sport and activity in Wrexham survey

Dear parents We have been asked to send you this survey link so that you can have your say in the provision of sport/play activities in Wrexham At Active Wrexham, we are working to support our communities to be more active, leading healthier and happier lives. As part of our work, we wish to … Read more

Information about covid related absence.

  Please find attached some helpful information about covid-19 related absence. It is vital that you give us the details/reasons for your child’s absence on the first morning of absence so that we can report to Wrexham any suspected cases/symptoms of Covid-19.  Thank you very much  quick-reference-guide-for-absence..docx

Cold /covid worries

Dear parents and carers, Thank you for helping us keep our school as covid safe as we can by social distancing and following our dropping off and collecting procedures.  We have been contacted by several parents wondering whether to send their child to school or not with cold symptoms.   As per usual , children should … Read more

back to school !!

, Its lovely to see all the children back in school today. Its really made us all happy to see their smiles. Overall, the new morning routine went well, and all the children are in their classrooms, hands washed and happy!  Just a few reminders as we get used to these new arrangements.  The Activity … Read more

Diddy Dragons After School Club

We are looking forward to starting the new term at Diddy Dragons.The online booking system will be reserved for just Holiday Club for now. Please make sure you are telling your children they are after school club in the morning and that they are telling their teachers.If you need to book your children in during the … Read more

Free school meals

If your child is in receipt of free school meals, you should have received payment into your bank from Wrexham for both this week and for next week ( weeks beginning 1st and 7th September) as you have done over the summer/lockdown. Therefore, you will need to pay school for any school dinners for this … Read more

Year 6 tomorrow

Tomorrow Year 6 will be doing PE in the morning and therefore we would like them to come to school dressed in their PE kits please.  They do not need to bring a change of clothes and will be fine to remain in their kits throughout the day.  Many thanks Mrs Halley 

Return to school info

  We hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of the holiday. Please find attached the latest return to school information including the timetable for each class’ return . This has not changed from the one sent in July.  We will send out further details regarding each class meeting point next week . We … Read more