Meet the Staff


At Ysgol Acrefair we are very proud of the team of people with whom we work.

Our team of staff share in a common set of values, at which a caring and nurturing approach to supporting our children as learners and as young people is central.

We extend a warm welcome to all members of our school community should they want to come into school at any time to speak with a member of staff.

Our Team

Mrs Steen
Mrs Wooding

Miss Davies

Miss Jones


Mrs Brophy
Mrs Roberts

Miss Williamns


Year 1
Mrs Jones/Miss Cannadine
Miss Scandariato

Miss Bunning

Mrs Gartery

Miss Jones

Year 2
Mrs Rosen Edwards
Miss Regan

Year 3
Mrs Jackson
Miss Dillon

Year 4
Miss Heard /Mrs Martin

Mrs Brown

Year 5
Mr Allman

Miss Edwards

Year 6

Mrs Halley

Mrs Koscinska

Secretary: Mrs Wright
Caretaker: Mr Beckett

Headteacher: Mrs Turner
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Halley
Additional Learning Needs Coordinator: Mrs Norman

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