Term Time Leave Requests

Before submitting a Term Time Leave Request, we would like to remind you of the importance of regular attendance at school.

While we appreciate that family holidays are important, term-time holidays can have a negative impact on your child’s academic progress and achievement.

We understand that unforeseen events and emergencies do arise, and in such cases, we would encourage you to inform the school and discuss alternative options with us. However, we would discourage regular or prolonged term-time absences that may affect your child’s progress.

A missed lesson or activity can have an adverse effect on your child’s academic performance, which can lead to frustration and disengagement.

Furthermore, with schools operating a strict attendance policy, we must ensure that we follow the statutory guidelines set out by the Welsh Government. You may receive a penalty notice if your child misses a substantial number of school days during term time without a valid reason.

We urge you to schedule holidays and appointments around the school term dates and utilise the designated holiday periods to ensure that your child can make the most of their educational journey. 

The Term Time Request form is also available from the school office.