National tests

The children in Year 2-6 will be undertaking the national tests next week. These will take place on the following days: Wednesday 2nd May 9:30 (yr2-4), 11:00 (yr5-6) Numeracy- procedural Thursday 3rd May 9:30 ( yr2-4) 11:00 (yr5-6) Numeracy- reasoning Friday 4th May 9:30 (yr2-4) 10:30 (yr5-6) Reading Each test last approximately 30 -40 minutes. … Read more

Parents evening

Just a quick reminder that the Year 5 parents evening appointments are for this week so if you would like to book one you can still do so online using the link below:  For all other classes the appointments will be held on 12th and 13th March and again can be booked using this … Read more

Parents evening appointments

Parents evenings will be held after half term for all classes. Should you wish to book an appointment then please use the link below, making sure that you correctly type in your email address so that you receive confirmation of your appointment.  The dates for parents evenings are as follows: Year 5 Tuesday 20th … Read more

Year 5: VIP

We have had a busy week continuing with multiplication in maths. We have really got the hang of the written method for this now. In science we have been building circuits and in our topic lessons we have been reading maps of Snowdon and giving the grid references for different points of interest. In literacy … Read more

Year 5 coffee morning

Just a quick reminder that Year 5 parents and families are invited to come to a coffee morning in the hall next Tuesday morning (Tuesday 24th October). You will have chance to have a look at all of the work that the children have done since September and we will be sharing some information about … Read more