Home learning/ BBC Bitesize Daily

The BBC  have just released today a new daily lessons programme for children . https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons There are daily maths, english and subject lessons including history, science etc for all year groups from year 1 upwards.  We thoroughly recommend you use these with your children over the next few weeks. They are very easy to follow … Read more


We have noticed that there are lots of children who are not coming to school suitably dressed for outdoor play considering the weather outside i.e. with no  coats and jumpers/very thin leggings rather than school trousers. We feel that it is important to remind parents that the children do play outside at break and lunch … Read more


Tomorrow is Year One and Two’s Bikeathon event for the whole school. All children can bring in their bikes or scooters with helmets and any other safety gear.  Year One, Two and Reception can bring their bikes or scooters to their classroom yards.  Year Three and Four can bring their bikes or scooters into the … Read more