Vital Key Worker Child-care provision next week


Thank you to everyone who supported us by following government guidelines and making arrangements for children to stay at home this week- in order for us to ensure that the school closure is purposeful and enables social distancing it is essential that this continues next week- this will help us to ensure that we keep the children who absolutely have to attend school safe, as well as our members of staff. 
Please complete the attached form to notify us if your child needs to access the emergency childcare provision at school next week.

Following on from the announcement by the UK Government on the evening of 23/03/20 it is essential that parents recognise that this provision is only to be used when absolutely necessary- the expectation is that any child who can be safely cared for at home should be and that it is only in exceptional circumstances that they will need to access this provision. This is important as the aim of school closure is ultimately to reduce social contact.

Your response will enable us to prepare thoroughly for next week.

Please complete the form by 8pm on Thursday 26th March.

Children using this provision next week will need to have breakfast before coming and bring their own lunch as the catering staff will not be in school. We will be open at the usual ‘Breakfast club’ time but children need to eat before arriving. 
Thank you for your continued support.