Timings- live sessions and keyworker provision

Please ensure that children attending our keyworker provision arrive in time for the start of the normal school day  by 8:50 am . Arriving late is very disruptive to the teacher and keyworker group and to your child as they will have missed their input from their own class teacher. The children in school are undertaking the same activities that we are expecting children at home to complete, this includes live sessions.  This is hard work for the staff who are running the keyworker group and teaching their own class at the same time. 
We are very aware that parents may be working at home as well as supporting their child’s learning. We ask parents to let us know if their children are unable to join in with arranged live sessions- a quick See saw message will do.  This will ensure that no one is waiting for pupils to join a session/lesson input.  Teachers are recording their live input so that children can watch this as and when suits best. 
We do expect children to be ready for live sessions, dressed appropriately and in a suitable space for working. ( not in pyjamas and still in bed lol!) 
We will be sending further information regarding live sessions,  as we roll this out further across the school. 
We appreciate your support as we all adjust to our new ways of working , ensuring that our children continue with their learning as much as possible.