Sports Day


Thank you for joining us for our Key Stage 2 sports day.

The events that children will participate in are:

Speed bounce Sprinting Long distance running Throwing

This will give the children the opportunity to use the range of different skills that they have been practising in athletics lesson in PE.

There will also be a team relay race.

All children will participate in at least two events which they have chosen themselves.

The children are organised into four teams and each team will be wearing a different coloured t-shirt so that the children can identify who else is in their team.

Please support the children by cheering them on, however please stick to the parent areas  by each event so that you can avoid finding yourself in the middle of a long-distance race or being hit by a flying beanbag!

You are invited to arrive on the school field from 12:45pm. Sports day will begin at 1:15pm. The children will spend time on each event before the relay race takes part at the end of the day. The trophy will be presented to the winning team before the end of sports day.


Please can you ensure that all children have a water bottle for sports day- they will not be allowed to drink the fizzy drinks that are on sale as refreshments for the grown ups during sports day.

Children should be collected from the usual doors at school at the end of sports day, not off the school field. This is to ensure the safety of all pupils.

Many thanks,

Key Stage 2 team