Sleep & Wellbeing

  We have received a newsletter from the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes which we thought we would share with you.

18.1.23 – Sleep
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Sleep, great when you get it, terrible when you don’t…


Diet & Sleep

What we consume during the day can impact on our ability to sleep at night. A light snack in the hour before bedtime may be helpful for some children, but avoid heavy meals last thing at night.


Childrens sleep problems

The most common issues kids have at bedtime: settling, changes in routine, bed wetting, fear/anxiety, sensory Issues, feeling hungry or thirsty, discomfort.


Year 6 Sleep Lesson

Pupils explore the benefits of good quality sleep and learn strategies for better sleep

About you…


Getting a good night’s sleep: a guide for teachers and education staff

You need good quality sleep to cope with the significant challenges of working in education.


Sleep and tiredness

Reasons why you might feel tired and advice about what you can do to prevent tiredness.

And finally….



21 Best songs about sleep and falling asleep…

Sometimes, your mind is too active, or your hormone levels imbalance, affecting your ability to fall asleep. Listening to music before bedtime can help you drift off into slumber faster and enhance the quality of your sleep. Perhaps listening to songs about sleep will assist. Our top picks are…..