Return to school

Dear parents, As you aware from the Minister of Education’s announcement last week it is the intention that schools prepare to open for all year groups from the 29th June.  The term has now been extended and school will finish to all pupils in Friday 24th July. 
Each school has its own set of circumstances and therefore needs to make their plans based on these. 
We are awaiting further guidance from the Welsh Government on Wednesday 10th June which will help us further develop our plans.  
Based on current staffing availability, floor space, and health and safety requirements  received so far,  we will be organising the children into small groups of a maximum 6. Each group will hopefully have 2 days in school over the 4 weeks .   We will continue to offer the child care provision for our key workers/vulnerable children but these children will not be able to mix with other groups.  Once we have placed your child into a group they will not be able to change . We will try our very best to make sure that siblings attend on the same day. 
There will be a lot of changes to the school day- e.g staggered start and end times, playtimes and lunchtimes, stringent hygiene measures in place , social distancing in all classrooms and around the building etc. 
We will be sending you further details once we have received the guidance on Wednesday. We will then be in a position to share further details of how the new school day will look.
Please note that currently we still have outstanding building works to be completed and a number of ill/shielding staff.   At the moment we cannot guarantee that we will be ready to open further on the 29th June or that your child/children will be with their class teacher. 

At the end of this week, We will  be asking every parent to respond to a short survey.

We will need to know the following:

  •  If you intend to send your child/children in from the 29th June
  • If you do not intend sending your child/children in from the 29th June
  • If you will need to use the Key worker/vulnerable child care provision. 

Once we have this information we will be able to give you dates/times etc of when your child/children will be attending. There is no requirement for you to send your child in if you do not wish to do so. Home learning will continue to be provided for those children not attending.  Uniform will not be required. 

Thank you very much for your understanding. 

The survey will be available at the end of the week. 
Mrs Turner