Please take care !

Possible adder bite 
I have received a message from one of our neighbours . Unfortunately, they have had to have their dog put down due to a suspected adder bite yesterday. They think the adder was found by the dog on the edges of the school field. 
Adders are very shy creatures and will move into a safe place as soon as they feel any vibrations or sense any threat.   They generally only like to bask in the sun early in the morning. 
Staff make regular checks of the school field and forest school area before the children access these areas and have been instructed to be extra vigilant . 
Scaffolding/roof repairs  
We are having our roof repaired at the front of the school building. 
As you can see there is a large amount of scaffolding . 
Please ensure that your children do not play near to this scaffolding while you are waiting to drop off or collect at either end of the day.  

Thank you for your continued support