Move up day

We are all looking forward to meeting our new classes and teachers on Thursday morning this week. Each class will spend the morning meeting their new teachers and our current nursery cant wait to stay for their first school dinner! 
These are our classes for next year ( and Thursday morning !) 
Nursery ( Dosbarth Draenog)    Teacher : Mrs Steen , Support staff:  Mrs Wooding, Miss Jones 
Reception ( Dosbarth Wiwer)  Teacher:  Mrs Brophy, Support Staff: Miss Williams, Miss Davies,
Year 1 ( Dosbarth Gwdihw)   Teacher: Mrs Jones ( Monday to Thursday) Miss Canna dine   Fridays,  Support Staff: Miss Scandariato, Miss Bunning, Mrs Gartery, 

Year 2 ( Dosbarth Llwynog)   Teacher: Mrs Rosen-Edwards, Support Staff: Miss Regan, Miss Bunning, Mrs Gartery,
Year 3 ( Dosbarth Robin Goch )  Teacher:  Mrs Jackson, Support Staff:  Mrs Brown
Year 4 ( Dosbarth Gwennol)   Teacher: Mrs Rayner ( 4 days and Miss Cannadine 1 day )   Support staff:  Miss Dillon, 

Year 5 ( Dosbarth Eryr)  Teacher: Mr Allman, 
Year 6 ( Dosbarth Barcud) Teacher: Mrs Halley ( 4 days, 1 day Miss Cannadine) 
Support staff working across Years 4,5 , and 6 :  Miss Jones, Mrs Koscinska, Miss Edwards ( maternity leave- awaiting appointment of cover) 

We wish our Year 6 good luck in their new schools over the next two weeks too!