Minecraft Monthly build challenges

Minecraft Education Edition have put together a number of free lessons and challenges that can be used across the curriculum. They are definitely worth checking out if you have get the chance.
To download Minecraft for free children will need their hwb log ins.
Go to education.minecraft.net and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “get Minecraft”. From there you can follow the instructions on screen to download to your device (it is not compatible on all devices). Once installed, children can log in using their Hwb email address. 
If children click “view library” there are a number of monthly build challenges and lessons for them to enjoy. I highly recommend the “building a spaceship” challenge for younger a children and “Zero Waste” for children in KS2.
Once complete, I would love to see these worlds/challenges. You can upload a video to flipgrid.com/allman4391 or import the worlds/challenges to the school twitter.