Healthy eating

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January is often full of new years resolutions…its time to eat healthy!



Why do kids need a healthy lunch box?

Did you know that the average child will eat more than 2,500 lunches during their school years? ? A good lunch gives children energy and nutrients to learn, play and grow, and sets them up with lifelong healthy eating habits.  So it’s really important to pack a healthy lunch box for your child.

Resources for schools, parents and carers include posters and an interactive lunch box builder so that you are never out of healthy ideas!

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School Food Matters works within London, but they have some great free resources for you to use in school, such as:

Healthy Packed Lunch Tips for families and an afterschool club guide and recipes 

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A recent study by Food Active looked into the key barriers to free school meals uptake. You can read the report here. Some of the key findings for schools:


Campfire cooking

What culinary delights can your learners rustle up to enjoy around a campfire? Have a look at some of our suggested recipes.

Information note – Campfire cooking

Teaching safe campfire and tool use skills