Every day matters!

Last half term was a very short one but we unfortunately didn’t hit the target !

Nursery- 93.1%

Reception- 93.5%

Year 1- 87.6%

Year 2-  96.1%

Year 3- 93.8%

Year 4- 95.6%

Year 5- 93.8%

Year 6- 92.2.%

Only Year 2 and Year 4 hit the target of 95.5.% or over.

lets try this term to get at least 96% !

It is vitally important that your child is in school as often as possible. Days off for birthdays, shopping trips etc are not acceptable reasons for missing school and will not be authorised.

We have noticed that a number of children are being collected early on Fridays . Fridays are usually the days when homework, letters, information etc is given out and when work is finished and celebrated .Please try and avoid any appointments in school hours and bear in mind that the children always tell us where they have been !