Dosbarth Gwdihw VIP’s

This week we have been thinking about our ‘wishes’ for year 1. We have thought about what we would like to get better at by the end of year 1 and practiced our sentence writing to write these. In maths we have been looking at addition to 10 and learning how to use numicon as well as counting on from a given number. We worked hard in the continuous provision to practice this skill. As a class we have been reading ‘how to fill your bucket’ and are consciously trying to ensure that we are filling each others buckets by being kind and caring friends. We have had some lovely ‘Bucket fillers’ this week and the children are choosing 2 acts of kindness to display on our wall each day.

VIP’s –
Sam for working so very hard in all areas of school but specifically his writing this week.
Skye for showing a wonderful attitude towards all aspects of school.