Dog mess!

It has been lovely to see so many children engaging in extra curricular lunch time and after school clubs this year. The numbers in particular for the year 5/6 football club are amazing with over half the pupils in those years attending the club. The attitude and commitment the pupils are showing is fantastic and it is lovely to see so many children taking part.
Unfortunately, due to the increasing amount of dog mess on the school field, I am now in a difficult decision as to whether to continue with the club. Whilst the vast majority of our brilliant community are doing everything correctly by walking their dogs around the local area, unfortunately a small minority are leaving dog muck constantly and consistently on our school field. 
Despite following all the procedures and risk assessments, it means teachers are now struggling to take lessons and clubs on the school field due to the sheer amount of dog mess. Unfortunately, this means that it is the children missing out through no fault of their own. 
We again urge people to please walk their dogs elsewhere and show respect and consideration for our school grounds. If you do see anyone disrespecting our school grounds, please contact the dog warden.
I will make a decision as to whether to continue with the football club early next week. 

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