Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning policy

Remote Distance Learning guidance for Parents in North Wales Schools

Covid-19 has dramatically changed our lives and for many months our education system was severely disrupted.  

Now that the children have settled back into their classes, the time has come to turn our thoughts to ensuring that any future disruption is minimized and to developing a system which will allow children to continue learning, regardless of whether they are based at home or in school.  

We are all increasingly aware that the coming months could bring times when children are unable to attend school due to having to self-isolate through family illness, displaying Covid symptoms or because of the track and trace system.  

To ensure ‘continuous learning’ takes place in these cases, it is important that school and families work in partnership together- it is only by doing this that we can make sure that our children’s education, which is of such importance, is not negatively affected. 

The term ‘Continuous Learning’ means making sure that children’s education does not stop, regardless of whether they are based at home or in school 


Our Continuous Learning Policy reflects our school’s core values: Inspire, Aspire, Nurture and Respect. 

It is built upon the following foundations:  

  • Children’s health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our priorities, whether they are learning at home or in school. Learning should support learners’ mental, emotional, physical and social well-being as well as recognising the importance of outdoor learning and play 


  • Continuous Learning can only be truly effective when the school and parents work in partnership together. There should be a common understanding that learning should continue regardless of where the child is based.  


  • Teachers will endeavor to provide support to all learners. Teachers will also assist parents in supporting their children wherever possible. Our expectation is that parents will engage and collaborate with the teacher, keeping in regular contact and supporting their children in completing the activities set.  


  • All children should have access to education and equal opportunities to make progress in their learning. We continue to be aspirational for our learners and seek to support them in being the best that they can be.  


  • All learning should have a clear purpose in mind and should be focused on what is important for the learners right now and in the longer term.  


  •  Learners should have opportunities to develop skills in literacy, numeracy and digital competence and to apply these skills across the curriculum 


  • Learners should have learning experiences which span a broad curriculum and which includes opportunities to develop a breadth of understanding and a range of knowledge and skills. Learning should be purposeful and meaningful.  



  • Approaches to Continuous Learning are flexible. We acknowledge that circumstances for each child and family are different. Clear learning actions will be developed in response to this to ensure that all children continue to achieve and make progress.  


(Further information to follow)