Covid cases

Dear parents and carers,
As you are aware, the number of positive cases in our area is increasing quickly. It is only a matter of time before we have a positive case at Ysgol Acrefair unfortunately. Most of the local schools have now had positive cases and are closing bubbles and year groups. So far, we have been very lucky, but we must not let down our guard. 
We have noticed that parents are not always remembering to keep 2m apart . This is vital to reduce the chance of transmission to both children, parents, and staff.  We do have several vulnerable parents and staff on site. 
We are going to ask that from tomorrow, all adults coming onto the school site wear a face covering if they can do so.  Staff will be wearing face masks/visors when they meet you at the gates from tomorrow. 
A reminder that only the parents of year 2 and Nursery children should be on the front yard. The children should not be playing on the equipment whilst waiting. Once they have been collected/dropped off then parents must leave the area as quickly as possible please. 
We may well change the year 2 drop off/collect arrangements if we still feel we need to make it safer- we will let you know. 
So, remember:
2m apart at all times and leave the site quickly.  and  Face coverings if possible

Thank you again for your support.  We are doing so well- let’s try and keep it this way.