Covid-19 Information

Information for parents and carers regarding the children’s return to school, after 29th June 2020.



As you are aware, schools in Wales re-open to all pupils on June 29th, 2020 with up to a third of their usual capacity, this will include children of key workers and vulnerable learners.

We have now been able to group the children based on who will be joining us in the next few weeks. The children shall remain within those groups throughout the duration of the time that they are in school and they will not be able to move between groups. As you are aware, the children will not return full time as, logistically, this is not possible. We fully understand that they will not see all of their class mates but we are mindful that this approach allows us to follow the appropriate guidelines and keep the children as safe as possible.

You child will have been assigned a number and letter which refers to their year group and their group and the children and your child’s class teacher will have made you aware of which days they will be in school.

The purpose of school has also changed as it will now focus on giving the children the opportunity to “Check in, Catch up and Prepare’ for summer and September as we all try and establish what the new normal may look like. We shall do all that we can to ensure that our staff, pupils and parents are prepared – mentally, emotionally and practically for what lies ahead. We have created some resources for yourselves and your children to help eliminate any worries and questions you may have.

We would like to provide you with some more information about how school is now organised and answer some of your questions about returning to school. Please read through it and use as a guide as to what to expect on return.

We cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding at this time and would like to make you aware that the content of this information may be subject to change depending on a number of factors but with the common goal of keeping everyone safe.

Should you have any further queries or concerns then please do get in contact with the school.



Please also see our guide for children using the link below:

Pupil and parent information book

Home school agreement


Further information about school reopening:

Access to School and Site:

Learners and parents / carers should attend the school on foot or by using personal mode of transport in preference to public transport.

Learners and parents / carers should not car share with other families.

Physical distancing must be observed in the car park / drop off points with adequate space between other people / vehicles.

Gates for entry will be clearly identified and all others locked.

Staff will be at the gate to guide parents and pupils.

Signage is in place to help remind parents and pupils of school expectations. Markers will be placed on floor to denote 2m distance.

Parents to drop off child/ren at the gate specified for their year group- parents will be notified of which gate to use via seesaw.

Where a one way system us in place – signage will show the route, please make sure that this is followed.

There are designated routes for all pupils to follow – once pupils on site, they are to go straight to wash their hands and then go to their classes, where doors remain open until all group members have arrived. No lining up is required.

Display of Symptoms in School

Any employees, learners or parents / carers who are feeling unwell / displaying Covid-19 symptoms must not attend / visit school.

If anyone becomes unwell when in school they must leave school as soon as is practical and follow self-isolation guidelines.

School will report any suspected incidence of Covid-19 symptoms to LA and Public Health Wales.

Those showing symptoms should be kept separate until they can be collected and taken home. This will be in a separate room, supervised at a distance of two metres.Anyone displaying symptoms should stay at home for seven days.

Anyone who lives with someone displaying symptoms but remains well should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person became ill.

No learner with symptoms should be sent to school at all.

For the vast majority of learners, Covid-19 is a mild illness. Learners who have been classed as shielding due to pre-existing medical conditions have been advised to undertake specific ‘shielding’ measures. These learners have serious underlying health conditions which put them at very high risk of severe illness from Covid-19 and are advised to rigorously follow shielding measures in order to keep themselves safe. We do not expect these learners to attend schools or settings at this time, and they should continue to be supported at home as much as possible.

Once someone suspected, confirmed or with symptoms has been identified, all areas where this person has been must be identified and kept clear. A deep clean of the area will be arranged.



First Aid

There is a First Aid point in every classroom.

If attending to any wounds, etc school staff will use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. A visor, gloves and aprons are available within every classroom.

Parent / carer need to give permission for learner to attend doctors surgery or hospital during pandemic- this should be given on the form provided by school (available online)

If staff are in any doubt (or if not able to contact parent / carer) they will contact NHS Direct / Emergency Services for advice.

The usual procedure, in line with school policy and risk assessment, will be followed if a learner was seriously injured or someone with a medical condition needed to be admitted to hospital.

The SLT are willing to go to hospital if parent / carer cannot collect the learner and have given consent.

Any children that have had a toileting accident are dealt with as per school policy with increased PPE and greater independence encouraged.



Children Arriving For School

Parents will be informed of which gates to use when dropping off at school. They will be met there by the class teacher. Arrival should be prompt- children who are late will not be able to gain access into the school.

No parents will be allowed on school premises.

Social distancing rules to be followed once on school premises – from the gates onwards.

There will be designated routes for all pupils to follow and teachers will lead the children along these– once pupils on site, they are to go straight to wash their hands and then go to their classes, where doors remain open until all group members have arrived. No lining up is required.

All doors (apart from fire, toilet and security doors) to be kept open to minimise contamination.

If parents wish to speak to staff member they can do so via telephone, email or through seesaw.




Whole School Collective Worship

No whole school / key stage collective worship or assemblies.

Collective worship to held in individual classes.



Travel Around The School

Currently we have no more than 33% of school population admitted at the same time. This is in line than the guidelines of up to a 1/3 of the school population at any one time.

Groups of children shall remain in their classes with the same staff. Calculations have been made to ensure correct capacity for each class. No child should access anywhere within the building but their classes and their designated sink and toilet.

Social distancing mapped and marked across school using floor markings.

Posters reminding of social distancing evident for all.

We will minimise travel around the school by staying in the same classroom throughout the day and using designated outdoor areas.

There will be a timetable for toilet breaks where possible: 1 pupil admitted at one time.

All doors apart from fire, toilet and security doors to be kept open.

We will ensure public areas are as clear and free from restrictions as possible.

All doors / surfaces to be wiped regularly with anti-bacterial wipes before and after snack, by staff.

Each child has a learning pack which includes work and any equipment they require. This minimises sharing and cross contamination. They are not allowed to bring their own equipment from school into school.

Play Times

There will be staggered break times for all groups and each group also has a designated outdoor area.

Pupils will exit class through doors leading directly outside, if possible, to avoid corridors.

Common snack areas to remain closed and learners to bring snack with them to eat in class – fruit please.

All learners to wash hands on return from break.

Pupils will be reminded of social distancing at all times in a calm, friendly manner.

Wet play times: children to remain in class and maintain social distancing as usual.



Lunch Times

Learners must bring in their own packed lunch and eat in classroom.

Children will eat their lunches at their designated desks within their classroom.

Desks will be cleaned before and after lunchtime

Pupils will wash their hands before and after eating and dispose of rubbish within the bins provided.

Staff to supervise their group outside at all times.

No sharing of food is be permitted.

Pupils to bring in their own water bottle for use throughout the day.

Pupils will not be allowed to use the water fountains in the school.

Staff will ensure that social distancing is maintained at mealtimes and learners should be sat two metres from each other.


Cleaning Routines

A deep clean of whole school has already been completed.

Cleaning staff to ensure that all surfaces are deep cleaned at the end of the day/shift.

School planned for closure on Fridays for deep cleaning between groups attending.

Staff will clean surfaces, door handles and equipment throughout the day

Contracted cleaners will resume their normal hours on return to school.


During the time in school

A ‘Catch Up’ constitutes how the children are getting on, what they may need at home to help them (resources etc) and for them to get the opportunity to see their friends and teachers again.

‘Check Ins’ are required whereby staff give children the chance to discuss, share their thoughts and feelings and reflect on how best to move forward with their blended learning.

‘Prepare’ is a chance to prepare the children for the new normal. Teaching strategies on solving problems, persevering and how to access help are needed for when they are distance learning and rules and guidelines need to be shared regularly, whilst in school, around how to stay safe and what is expected. These rules are likely to be in force for a long time therefore the children need to be aware of what they are and why they are!

Breakfast and afterschool club

Breakfast and after school club is not be available.


School Uniform

No child is required to wear school uniform on return to school on June 29th

Clothes should not be re-worn the following day unless washed

Clothing suitable for outdoor use is encouraged.




Frequently asked questions

What if my child becomes unwell during school?

‘Those (children or staff) showing symptoms (which develop while being in school) should be kept separate until they can be collected and taken home. Ideally, this should be in a separate room, supervised at a distance of two metres.’

– We would hope that this would not happen and that anyone not feeling well would err on the side of caution and not attend school. However, we do have to be prepared for all eventualities.

‘Anyone displaying symptoms should stay at home for 7 days and should arrange to be tested. Anyone who lives with someone displaying symptoms but remains well should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person became ill.’

Please read through the following link on social distancing thoroughly: ~ ‘This guidance has been developed not only to help schools and settings keep learners and staff safe and well, but also their families. Safety measures help ensure that the chain of infection is broken.’

‘Schools and settings should work to ensure parents/carers understand and observe social distancing when dropping off and collecting their children.’

– Please read the guidance on social distancing

What happens if there is an outbreak in a school?

‘If there are multiple cases of COVID-19 in a school then experts from across the NHS and local government will work together to prevent ongoing transmission within the school. This will involve identifying those exposed, any child or staff member who is at increased risk and provide tailored infection control advice. Advice based on the assessment of each individual situation will be provided to support the school in preventing further spread.’

Will Staff and Pupils wear PPE?

‘It is important to remember that physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene (catching a cough or sneeze in a tissue or covering the mouth and nose with an elbow or sleeve) remain strongly evidenced to be the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus.’

‘Hand hygiene is critical before and after all direct contact with a child or young person, and after cleaning equipment and the environment.’

‘There is therefore no need to use personal protective equipment (PPE) when undertaking routine educational activities in classroom/school settings.’

‘The Chief Medical Officer has been clear that there is no evidence to support the widespread wearing of non-medical face coverings in the community.’

– Based on government guidance, staff will not routinely be wearing PPE and nor will any children who are attending school.

Only when dealing with suspected cases of coronavirus or helping a child with intimate care, would a member of staff wear and use appropriate PPE.

To that end, in the interests of protecting the health of your own child and the health of staff, if your child is not yet toilet trained, please make the most of the remaining time before the 29th June to help them become more independent with toileting and intimate care procedures. Help and advice can be found here or

Will my child have to wear clean clothes every day?

‘There is no need for anything other than normal personal hygiene and washing of clothes following a day in a school or setting. Uniform that cannot be machine washed should be avoided. Ideally, parents/carers should be encouraged to provide clean clothes for learners every day but this may not be possible and should be handled sensitively.’

At Ysgol Acrefair we will not be expecting your child to be wearing uniform. Children should wear clothing that is suitable for outdoor activities including suitable footwear.