Childcare provision for week beginning Monday 8th June

Please read the following information carefully before completing the form: 
Please read below and submit your form by 5 pm Wednesday 3rd June. 

Before booking a place we ask to you respectfully consider the following:

•    Is my work critical to the  COVID-19 response?  Am I on the list of key workers issued by the Government? Has my employer issued a letter to me that states that my work is essential? We might require copies of this letter and evidence of rotas.


•    Have I been offered flexible or agile working arrangements from home to assist with social distancing where my child/ren could stay home some / all of the time? If this is possible, please only book what is essential to help us support those most in need of childcare. 


•    Do I need care every day? Please only book days / times that care is essential. 


•    Am I sending my child because I think that they will learn/socialise  more if they go to school when I have other arrangements for care?  Statutory education has stopped. It is childcare only that is being facilitated in the school building. 


Please note we cannot accommodate requests for childcare where parents have been furloughed.Parents must do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially outside of school. They must observe the same social distancing principles as adults as far as possible . It is expected that where one parent is a key worker and the other isn’t / is working from home ,that the child will be cared for at home as this is the safest place to be.


 We want to ensure that we can continue to offer care that is sustainable for those families where it is absolutely essential and a ‘last resort’.