Cardiff 2018

This week some of Year 6 visited Cardiff for a 3 day residential.  They were a credit to the school and themselves and had a wonderful time. Below is a report they have written about their time to Cardiff 


We had to be at school for 8:00 am and left at 8:20. It was really early so we had to get up even earlier! When we got to school we had to be quiet as to not wake anyone up! We travelled for around 2 hours and we stopped at Hereford for a play and a snack.

The big pit

We arrived at the big pit about an hour after our break. Mr Allman didn’t tell us where we were going and what it was but we soon found out it was THE BIG PIT famous for its coal and distance. We ate our lunch and went to find out about the pit we had head torches helmets so we couldn’t bang there head and we had gas masks to just in case! We went on a tour around the pit and it was really really cold! We then went in the gift shop and bought lots of stuff.


The hotel we were staying at was called the urdd and we were told the rules in a meeting room and someone in each dorm had a key to scan a lock that was unique to the room we were in dorms with a group of 6 they were Joe Riley Lewis Iwan Aidan and Callum. Lexi, Lana, Madison, Bethany and Millie. And the final dorm group was Kenzie, George, Tomb, Tom w, Malachi, and Archie.


After wed unpacked we went to swimming. We went Cardiff’s international pool and went on all the slides. There were rapids, splash area, slides and even a Jacuzzi. There were 4 slides in total and nearly everyone went on the space bowl. The slide took you in to a ball and it took you round and round to the hole in the bottom and fell in to a mini pool. All slides were so much fun and at the end nearly everyone was playing family tag in the water it was ssoooooo much fun.


We had dried up and went back and got changed in to nice clothes and went for a nice walk it was quite interesting some of the stuff Cardiff has an old doctor who museum, and even a Norwegian church that is there because of the coal Cardiff produced back in 19 hundreds. And some of my friends were hopping poles.


For our first night we had either pasta or hotdogs and they were both very good, on the second day we had a full English breakfast and had sandwiches for lunch, on the second night we had either curry or fish fingers and chips and in the morning before going we had a full English breakfast again it was very good.


In the morning we went on a slow boat around the bay. A man  talked all about the bay and intresting things about the fish and the buildings. The boat ride took around 20 miniute to half an hour. We found ou loads of stuff about the cuildings.


The royal Mint

In the royal mint we had a tour around the factory and we even got to press our own coin for the school and we even saw a 1960s mini Austin cooper made completely out of 50p coins! we also saw how the coins were actually made in the factory and also found out what countrys they made money for and even shown us what £1,000,000 looked like.


In techniquest we were sucked into a world of science and engineering and we saw everything from the power of water and electricity to optical ilussions. We built small structures out of foam blocks and saw how an electric car worked.

Last day

On the last day we went to the Cardiff millennium stadium and had a tour of the whole place, we saw a lot of rare cars in the car park because being a footballer is a very wealthy life. When we finished we went on the bus and stopped at the same place we did on the way there and when we got back on we all had a sing- a -long to Frozen’s, let it go.

All the children, Miss Jones and Mr Allman had a fantastic time.